Black Creek District

Merit Badge Fair

at Camp Echockote

March 11-12-13, 2016



    • The Scout must bring a Blue MB Card (or computer print out) with his Scoutmasters Signature to be able to attend ANY classes.

    • ALL Troops must sign in at the Camp Masters HQ FRIDAY NIGHT between 4-9 pm.  You will need to turn in your Troop Roster and All Health Forms (Required even if your unit is not camping).  All of these will be returned along with patches at check out.


    • Each troop camping is required to bring an EZ-up at time of check-in. Please ask at check-in where it needs to be set up.

    • Each troop is expected to have an adult (18 or older) to help around the camp. Sign up sheet for different time slots will be located at sign-in.

    • If you have a Scout(s) signed up for the Baden Powell Program you will be expected to have an adult (18 or older) to help out with the Baden Powell Program.  A sign-up sheet will be located at sign-in.

Online registration opens February 12 at 5pm for Black Creek District Troops and on February 19 for Out-of-District Units. Please respect the registration timeline.

We expect to be filled to capacity this year, so make sure you register early!

         EVENT FEE:

Scouts: $13 (includes: patch, Saturday lunch and classes)

Adults: $5  (includes: patch, Saturday lunch)

(Older Boy Scouts not attending classes $5)

 Optional T-Shirts: $12/each. (Order t-shirts by picking a shirt size while registering).


Please follow this steps:

  1. Check the MB Schedule 2016 >>>. (bottom of page)- For New Scouts consider our Baden Powell New Scout Program (information located at the bottom of this page)
  2. Check prerequisites and info at MB Classes 2016 >>>
  3. Registration is to be done by one Adult per troop NOT by individual Scouts.
  4. Register Scouts and Adults online >>>- opening Friday, 2/12 at 5 pm for Black Creek District and Saturday, 2/19 for Out-of -District Units.  However, in the event that there are still spots in classes, registration will be kept open and you will pay for Scouts and Adults upon arrival (There will be No refunds for those Scouts that do not show).
  5. T-Shirt orders close Friday, February 26, 2014 - After this date you cannot order more t-shirts. 
  6. Please print the payment form no later than Saturday, March 1st. This can be found on the Troop Registration page (this will include the event fee and t-shirt cost if you selected this upon registration.
  7. Make sure each Scout prints and brings (in a binder or plastic pocket folder) Merit Badge Worksheets, Pens, Prerequisites and Blue Cards to ALL Classes that they are signed up for.


Please read carefully:

  • All registration is done online.

  • All Scouts AND ADULTS must register online.

  • During online registration we will ask for {Hotdog or Hamburger} preference for Saturday lunch.  However, if you have a dietary issue please contact me at (904) 608-2610 so we can ensure we have something for that Scout.

  • During online registration we will ask for the Scout's Parent's email address - this will allow instructors to contact the Scouts family before/after the event with special instructions/suggestions.

  • During online registration: If you pick a shirt size you are ordering a shirt and are expected to pay for it!

  • Make sure to enter contact information (cell phone and email address) for all Adults attending.

  • Please check the website for constant updates about offered classes and their prerequisites - we might add new classes at any time. 

  • DO NOT sign up Scouts for classes unless they intend to do the prerequisites.

  • DO NOT sign up Scouts for classes they are not ready for!

  • You can go back in and drop and/or add classes to a scout's schedule at any time.

  • Payments are Due at Council by March 4, 2016 - Failure to make payment on time will result in cancellation of your Troop’s registrations, but you will still be required to pay for any t-shirts ordered. 

Make Checks Payable to:  BSA, Event 652

Mail Checks to:       NFC BSA

                                   521 S. Edgewood Avenue

                                   Jacksonville, FL 32205


Merit Badge Fair Committee

Troy Nagle

Camp Master


Rich Flagg

Lisa Barber

Baden Powell Program Coordinator
Patrick Baird



Baden Powel New Scout Program

The Baden Powell Program is designed to introduce your NEW SCOUTS to the world of Boy Scouting. The emphasis is on FUN, TRAINING, SCOUT SPIRIT, and CAMARADERIE! The program will key heavily on Tenderfoot requirements and touch on 2nd Class and 1st Class requirements.

Our team goal is to provide the NEW SCOUTS, an interactive, hands-on, weekend to have fun, along with learning and earning their way to the first ranks of Scouting. This program, along with participation at summer camp, is a great way to get your Scouts to First Class in one year! This program is popular within this district, and has a great reputation outside the district (and council), so be sure to sign your Scouts up early! Participation is capped at 100 Scouts.

New Scouts may complete the minimum requirements for the program. However, as with all Scouting Skills, it’s important to practice, to become proficient. Our policy is not to sign off a Scout’s handbook, since each Troop can have a different level of expected proficiency in a skill before signing off an advancement requirement. A print out of completed requirements will be provided at the end of the program.

The Senior Scouts and their adult assistants are excited to provide your new Scouts a sound program with Tons of Excitement!!!

Items needed to attend the Baden Powell Program:

  • Scout Handbook in zip lock bag.
  • Paper with pen/pencil
  • Water bottle
  • Something to sit on (unless you don’t mind sitting on the ground)
  • Mess kit (plate, cup, fork, knife, and spoon)
  • Small back pack to put everything in
  • Blue Card (signed by Scoutmaster, for Fingerprinting merit badge)
  • Swimming trunks and towel

The program will run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday (lunch will be provided on Saturday) and 8:00 am till noon on Sunday.

It is our hope that your Scouts will have a great learning experience and have fun as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Yours in Scouting







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