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Further down this page - class description and pre-requierments.

Class Information and Pre-Requierments



Instructors Name


Email Difficulty

without them the

scout will not be allowed in the class

Requirements not to be covered in class:
Bring them and they will
be signed off - or do them later.
Other Instructions
Baden Powell
New Scout Program

Patrick Baird

This program is designed to introduce the new Scouts to the fundamentals of Scouting.      

CPR Certification

This is NOT a merit badge.

Open for adults and scouts

    This class is NOT a Merit Badge class, but a CPR certification class, open for youth AND adults.
There is a $5 administrative fee if you want to receive a certification card. Bring CASH!

For adults to register for this class: Register with your unit just as if you where a boy, enter your name as a scout. When you enter your name, please type "ADULT" before our last name.


 American Labor

Jim Pimentel

 Medium - Hard

Recommended for Scouts age 13 and older (7th or 8th grader)

Mandatory pre-reqs are #2 and #9. The student must turn in a workbook that has those items completely filled out prior to class.   Students must participate in discussions.



Rich Dunham

Harry Speelman

Medium Workbook, pen and must be physically able to draw back on a compound bow to shoot the arrow 45'. Without the workbook and pen, Scouts will NOT be able to attend this class.  

 $5 additional cost for arrow making kit.

Young scouts will have a difficult time due to the physical strength required to pull the archery bow. 

Completion of the merit badge is not guaranteed.


Pamela Welch 

Assistant: Becky DeLaCruz


Easy  #5 Research three career opportunities in art. Pick one and find out the education, training & experience required.

Automotive Maintenance

Arthur Allison
708-2216 Medium. Best for older boys! Bring old clothes to work on cars in. You will get dirty, greasy, oily and nasty!

Bring safety glasses.

Each Scout should complete requirement 12 before class and be ready to present.

Requirement 12- research three different career opportunities in the automotive industry. Pick one and find out the education, training and experience required for the profession. Be ready to present to the class your chosen topic. I will have a computer and I recommend you do your presentation in Prezi or Power point and save it to a portable USB drive.


All requirements will be covered if the scout brings in a presentation.

You can bring your own tools but not needed. Be ready to get dirty.This is not a hard MB but you need to come ready to learn, not play around. Recommended for ages 14+ but exceptions on age can be made with maturity. Contact me for additional information.


Peter Clinton

Must bring merit badge workbook/sheets.
Scouts will be required to fill in workbooks during class.

Pen or Pencil & something to write on (clip board or note book)

4b, 5e, 6e, 7b, 8c, 8d, 9all These requirements are to be done with troop. Bring sighed note from scoutmaster to get signed off.

This merit badge requires a lot of writing, it is recommend that Scouts complete some of these requirements prior to class.

Citizenship in the Community

Rubi Olis

Asst: Michelle Mancil



Bring Worksheet, paper and pen.

Scout must have the proff for signoffs for these rqmts: 3a, 3b, 5, 7a, 7b, 7c, 4a, 4b, 4c, 8

MB is Hard because of the active participation required of the scouts. Scouts will not be listening to lengthy discourses from the counselors but will be asked to find out answers themselves and share these with the class.

Citizenship in the

Bill Getman


 2, 3, 6 & 8 Requirements 2, 6, & 8 (letter to an elected official). MB can be completed if these pre-reqs are completed and brought to the MBF.

Citizenship in the World

Jim Pimentel
Hard - Needs Maturity

The following must be prepared with notes that you must bring in order for the requirements to be signed off.

3b - have notes about country you pick
4b - bring notes ready to discuss
4c - bring notes, be prepared to do a presentation for the group
7b - be prepared to present for the group




Instructor (2)

Tom Szaroleta

Ruthanne Baxley

Medium 3. Come prepared to deliver a five-minute speech – please write speech in advance

4. We can do this during the class, but it would be helpful if the Scouts could do the interview ahead of time. Talk with someone, then find out the information you would need if you were to introduce them as a speaker before your Troop.

Please come prepared to teach a skill. Don’t try to teach Pig Latin or make a paper airplane or something that everyone already knows how to do. I’ve had Scouts show how to change a flat bike tire, do tae kwon do skills, speak common phrases in Spanish and tie knots while blindfolded. It’s way more fun when the Scouts think about it ahead of time, rather than wing it and try to make something up on the spot.
5. Attend a public meeting and report on it. If Scout has attended meeting and wishes to make presentation, that's OK, but otherwise we will not cover this requirement.

8. Prepare and lead a Court of Honor. If a leader from the Scout's troop can verify that this has been done, I'll sign off on it, but we won't otherwise cover this.
Bring chair.

We will have fun doing this badge, but please keep in mind that it is Eagle-required and I will not sign your blue card if you do not meet the requirements. Please bring a pen and a notebook.


Bryon Barber

Assistant: Candice Morales
Hard – Needs Maturity

All participants need to print the merit badge worksheet and bring it with them to class.

Complete requirements 5, 6 and 7 prior to attending class, failure to complete these requirements will cause the Scout to not complete the merit badge.

Bring chair.
Environmental Science

Nancy Allen

Luke Allen


Hard - Needs Maturity

Printed workbook and writing materials, pencils are best.


Scouts will take one of the Enviromental Class offered on Saturday (Part 1)as  well as the Class offered on Sunday (Part 2)

3E1. Endangered species100 word research paper. To be presented during class Students can bring cameras, nets and binoculars to broaden their experience.
Family Life

Bruce Nelsen

3. Bring your 90 chore record.
4. Perform a project that benefits the family.

5. Plan and carryout a project that involves the participation of your Family.
6a and 6b

Tonya Davie
Fire Safety

Richard Knoff


Test smoke detector, home fire safety inspection, Escape plan and practice. Req. 6, 6a and 6b.

  Bring your chair.
Test at end of class to pass merit badge on material covered in class.
First Aid

Tommy Childress
You must know Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st Class first aid. Requires learning and demonstrating CPR.
Requirement #1. Must be completed prior to class Bring note signed by SM. Completed requirement #5 using the worksheet at  link  before hand would be very helpful. Bring Scout Handbook and a Camp chair.

Bill Anlage
Easy - but you have to come prepared!! 2, 3, 4b, 5a-e, 6, 7 2, 3, 4b, 5a-e, 6, 7
Bring all research material.
Scouts: Together or a parent contact the instructor a few weeks before the event to discuss research material if needed.
Can be completed with complete prereq's.
Home Repairs

Note: this is 2 classes!
Larry Thomas

Jerry Scogins

Requires repairing, installing,  building, painting, mending, and replacing various items found in the home.
  Home Repair: 1
Plumbing: 1ab, 2ab
Bring gloves and safety eye glasses.

Open Swim/Swim Test


    Bring Swim Suit and Towel.

ParaCord Bracelets

This is not a merit badge!

Open for Adults & Scouts

  Open to Scouts and Adults

 Personal Fitness

Carlos Lagrule

 Medium Bring: Merit Badge Workbook, Pen and Blue Card signed by leader/scoutmaster.

 6, 7 & 8

If you completed these and bring to MBF you will complete Badge.

 Note that there is a 12 week program to complete requirement 7&8. Requirement 6 is exercises to be documented for requirement 7&8. If requirement 7&8 are done, then requirement 6 should be done as well.

Donald Cisco


 Easy Scouts must bring a camera (digital or 35mm), if scout doesn't have a camera he can use his phone's camera.    



Joe Bassett



Wesley Jernigan

Assistant: Shane Adair

 Medium Must bring Toten chip! Must be 14 years or older.   Bring chair.


 Wood Carving

Alan Powell

 Medium 2a. Scout needs to have his Totin' Chip Card.